Monday, January 3, 2011

Just about on our way...

I haven't kept up with this very well, but things have been moving fast and the holidays are just over. I'm enjoying my last day off work, but only have a week of work and then we'll be off to Mumbai!
We had to change our ED again, which is disappointing, but hopefully this one will have very good eggs! We got an email from the clinic ( the day we were leaving for Christmas with my sister's family ) asking us if we could come to India for January 11 or 12 as they want to do the Egg retrieval on Jan 15th! I booked the flights and we leave on the 11th and return the 18th!
With the time differences and the holidays it has been difficult to arrange the hotel with Amit and I'm worried that we're running out of time as they're getting booked. There was a suggestion of some $200.00 +/ night hotels, but that is a little out of our range. Hopefully, we find something clean, comfortable and safe.
Also, my son, Justin, and his wife, Kristina, have agreed to stand in should, God forbid, anything happen to us, but Kristina has been away and we haven't been able to get her info. to send to the clinic.  I tried sending Justin a message and calling last night but no answer. I think he is on a short holiday now, after working all Christmas.
I'm sure everything will get sorted out.
Really, I can't believe we are almost on our way and hopefully, PRAY, we will soon be pregnant.
I have to go through my clothes for the trip and wash and iron anything that needs it and get together all papers we will need. It is such a short time in India, only four days, so we don't need much. What a whirlwind trip!

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