Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not the Two Week Wait, but...

We are waiting for the 2 WW to start again. We received an email towards the end of last month letting us know that our Surrogate estimated her menses would begin March 5 so it was thought that the FET would be done around the middle of March. I was trying to find info on the web regarding how soon after the start of menses a woman was normally ready for a transfer. Does anyone know?
I stopped looking into my gmail account for awhile, but now every morning we are both looking for word that something is happening again.
I went to an angel card reader before Christmas who told me that there would be twins in my family again. That was one of the first things she told me without, of course, knowing that I was looking into surrogacy. She also told me it wouldn't happen the first time and she said, "first there will be three and then two". It quite blew me away at the time. So, I'm expecting to have twins, since no other members of my family are planning to add to their families for awhile.
Winter is slowly ending here. We finally got rid of the piles of snow we had this year; but, alas, it is snowing again today. Ughhh. Oh Well, we leave for Cuba a month from today. It will be a quick one week stay at our favorite resort - where Alcy used to work, of course. This trip is more about my family then Alcy's family; there will be nine members of my family and a German exchange student in our group. We are going to have a small memorial for my mother who died a year ago and who went to Cuba every winter since she began fighting her battle with cancer. She got so much pleasure from those trips and made many friends there, so we are all going to get together off resort to celebrate her life. Alcy's parents will be there too, but it will be too short a visit for them after two and a half years.
We are hoping to have good news for them. They will be very pleased.
So, after a difficult winter, we are looking forward to a wonderful spring; we ask Ganesh every day for new beginnings.


  1. Good luck and keep persisting1 we succeeded on attempt 4 & 5 and are now expecting 3 beautiful bundles of joy. And yes I total agree with you about the age.... I turn 48 in May when our babies are due and my DH is 38 so can relate to your comments about noone caring if it was a 48 year old father! Lol ... it is their issue and Justin always makes me feel alot younger!
    Keep posting and don't give up... it will happen :)

  2. Two weeks after the period arrives is best for transfer, that is the time of ovulation and when the endometrium is at it's best. Surrogate will most likely be on hormonal support prior to that.

    Good luck!!!!

  3. Thanks Meg. Well, we haven't received word yet. Maybe they're waiting until the 2 ww is over.

  4. Thanks Paula. These are our last embryo's. We got really dismal results - 2 fresh and 3 frozen, so we're actually saying if this is a negative we will have to quit. We just don't feel that we have the money to continue at this rate. That's why this has to be a BFP!