Thursday, March 31, 2011

And the FET date is...

April 5! We are very happy that we are finally able to move on, but more than a little confused about the new FET date. As I wrote about last, we were told that our SM expected her menses March 5 and therefore the FET would be around the middle of the month. When I enquired on March 20,  I was told that the Dr. was just checking scans and expected to do the transfer the following week. Now we are told April 5, which would seem to be during her menses and not a very fertile time.

I know for certain that the first day of her menses in January was the 4th and the fresh transfer was done on the 17th, which would assume a 28 day cycle - from my research (or else the transfer was done when she wasn't very fertile). Is it usual for a transfer to throw the menses off so that the cycle would be different now? Since they expected the menses March 5 that would assume a 30 day cycle and not a 28 day cycle as originally believed. It would also put the next menstrual start date at April 4 - just one day ahead of the planned FET. This does'nt make sense to me, but maybe I'm missing something. I have written back to the clinic to let them know that I am confused by the date and hopefully they will explain it to me.

We so want to be hopeful that this will be successful as we have no other embryos.  If the FET is done April 5, we will likely be in Cuba for the first and second Beta. Hopefully we will be able to tell our family there some good news.


  1. I dont understand that, But I do hope you get good news this time.

  2. Thanks, we are being optimistic!