Monday, May 27, 2013

Long overdue update - to make a long story short

Alcides and I took some time off from our pursuit of "babyness", but in the fall of 2011 I received a call from my neice who told me of a friend of hers who was interested in being a surrogate and wanted us to call her. What were the odds? She lived an hour away from us. I thought it must be fate and so there started a process of talks and meetings which eventually led to attempts to have a child through Traditional Surrogacy. I did a lot of research before proceeding with a Traditional Surrogacy and feel confident with the process. We made three attempts in 2012, a year after we met, but again and again we received negative results and we had to wonder whether she was being honest with us. We can't know for sure, but we feft that she was not as committed to the process as we needed her to be and so we parted.
In this time, Alcides left Nova Scotia to work in Alberta, so it was difficult to arrange for attempts while he was away. Now, Alcides is the friendliest and warmest person I've ever met and is not shy about opening up to people, so it was not terribly surprising when he told me he had spoken to some people at work about our situation. He was so excited to tell me that a woman he worked with wanted to help us, but needed to talk to her husband. He was disappointed a little while later when she said that her husband was not supportive, but she invited Alcides to a meal at their house and over the course of that evening Alcides managed to gain his support. The couple have four children already and do not want any more. It seems perfect. I have, unfortunately, not been able to meet her in person, but we have Skyped and that will have to do for now. Alcides visits with her and her family regularly. We are about to start attempting again and continue to be hopeful for a positive result.  

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  1. So wonderful that there are things happening again. I'm waiting for more good news soon! Wishing you the best of luck on this new road. May this be your time!